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Through their scientific enthusiasm, the 114 participants of the 23rd CHO Congress greatly contributed to the success of this annual event held at the Presqu'Ile de Giens. Young researchers from French (but also foreign) laboratories selected on the scientific qualities of their abstracts thus had the opportunity to exhibit their work and debate with national and international guest speakers. Their stay was subsidized thanks to the support of CHO sponsors, a big thank you to them. The formula set up last year for poster presentations was renewed with a flash oral presentation in plenary session to arouse the curiosity of the participants, followed by the posters session in a spirit of conviviality.

CHO congresses aim to follow the scientific news of hematopoiesis and oncogenesis thanks to the participation of renowned guest speakers. The issues addressed during the 23rd CHO Congress related in particular to the control of the status of hematopoietic stem cells under physiological and pathological conditions as well as to the generation of different blood lines. The “oncogenesis” side of CHO was also on the bill with issues of solid and hematological tumors.

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